Monday, October 19, 2009

The Emerson Theater Remakes part 3

Final edition:
Work in progress:
Edited before I got the draft up online.


  1. Not too bad, although I'm not sure if I like how the navigation is split into two columns. I feel like it's a little cluttered too. Remember, this is a website, so you have a lot more room to play with.

    I really like what you did with their logo!

  2. I agree with Jameal. It's a bit cluttered and hard to see where you want the view to look first, second, third, etc. Make sure you check out techniques that other sites are using and bring those into your own design.

    Although, on all of your designs, you made a HUGE improvement from the first versions you showed us in class. That's big step. From here it's a tweaking. Nice work!

  3. I liked something in all three of these.
    I think this one is my favorite though.
    I think it might have been cool if you could have made the background like a blue color like your inspiration.
    But you got the big moon thing down.
    I also have all three movies of them.